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Twin towns

Pisz Pisz
A town located at the edge of the Pisz Forest in the southeastern part of the Mazurian Lake District called Kraina Wielkich Jezior on Lake Roś and the River Pisa, which flows out from the lake. Pisz is the most important town of the region. Its name is of Prussian origin and comes from the word “pisa” which meant “mud”. The inhabitants adopted that name from the river flowing out of the muddy banks of Lake Roś. The castle erected on the River Pisa was named Joannisburg. The first privilege concerning the settlement that was established around the castle was given in 1367. Pisz received its town charter in 1645, and formally adopted the name of the castle. The local Mazurian name of the town, Jańsbork, survived until 1946.

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Racibor Racibor
Racibor (Czech Ratiboř, German Ratibor) – the town and commune located in southwestern Poland, in Silesia province, in the Raciborz district. From 1950 – 1975 the town belonged administratively to Opole province and from 1975 – 1998 to Katowice province. The Dukes of Raciborz-Opole resided in Racibor. Since that period, the castle Chapel of Saint Thomas of Canterbury has been preserved to the present day.

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Jonava Jonava
Jonava is the ninth largest town in Lithuania with regard to its size, with a population of about 35,000 people.  It lies 30 km to the northeast of Kaunas near the River Neris (a tributary of the River Neman).  
It is the seat of the Kaunas district. The town celebrates its festival on 8 August.

After the war, one of the biggest fertilizer factories in the country was built in the town and because of that Jonava became a considerable industrial region in the country.

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Prerov Prerov
Přerov (Polish Przerów; German Prerau) – a town located in the Czech Republic in the Olomouc land, 21 km to the southeast from Olomouc on the upper part of the River Becva.
In Prerov, about 45,000 people live. The districts of the town are: Předmostí, Lověšice, Kozlovice, Dluhonice, Újezdec, Čekyně, Henčlov, Lýsky, Popovice, Vinary, Žeravice and Penčice. The town is one of the more important railway junctions in the Czech Republic.

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Öhringen Öhringen
Öhringen is a town in Germany, located in the county Hohenlohe in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg - the land of castles and palaces. The town is a seat of the administrative community Öhringen. It lays on the River Ohrn, about 15 km to the southwest of Künzelsau, on the A^ motorway and the Heilbronn–Crailsheim railway line.

Öhringen has about 23,000 people. It is a town with an interesting history, rich in many historical monuments and memories of the past. The earliesthistory of the town is connected with the Roman Empire because of the construction of the border fortifications of the Roman Empire known as the Upper Germanic – Rhaetian Limes. In the region of contemporary Öhringen, the troops of Marcus Aurelius quartered – in what is known as the "vicus Aurelianus". In 2003, the town celebrated its 750 year anniversary. Three years later, it was an important facility in the organization of the FIFA World Cup.

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Kalush Kalush
Kalush is located in Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (Stanislavshchyna), 130 km from Lvov on the River Lomnica, which flows into the Dniester River. It is the seat of the Kalush district. 67,000 people live in the town. The town has a chemical works in which potassium fertilizers, metallic magnesium, polyethylene etc. are produced.

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