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Interesting heraldic facts

Before the establishment of Kędzierzyn-Koźle in 1975, each locality subsequently included in the composition of the agglomeration had its own emblem. All four were replaced by the emblem of Koźle from the 14th century, which is used now.

In the emblem of our city, there are three goat heads placed on necks. Two of them at the top, directed one to another and the other one laying below, with jaws turned to the centre of the shield. These heads are black, the horns are golden and the shield, perhaps surprisingly, is silver. For economic reasons, in prints of the emblem, yellow horns and white shields are used.

The emblem of Kędzierzyn-Koźle is a so called “speaking” emblem, which refers to the Polish name of the city in use for years: Koźle, i.e. from the three Kozłowie brothers of legend, who resided here in the 12th century in a stronghold. Today, the emblem of Kędzierzyn is not used anymore. It presented in a red field half of the golden eagle of the Upper Silesian Piast dynasty and half of white laboratory flask. Apart from Kędzierzyn and Koźle, the establishment of the city in 1975 also included Kłodnica and Sławięcice.

The emblem of the first locality includes the trunk of a tree with an axe and saw inside of it. Researchers have tried to discover the genesis of the locality and the emblem from the trunks left after clearing a forest, which had formerly grown on the banks of the Oder River.  The emblem of Sławięcice, used before the merger of the localities, includes half of Piast eagle and the letter S. It seems that it was modelled on the emblem of Kędzierzyn. However, earlier Sławięcice showed an the emblem including a reaper with a scythe standing at the left side of the oak tree. The reaper surely explained the agricultural character of the locality and the oak tree as a strong and spreading tree that served to provide shade to the reaper. It is worth noting that until now, the greatest number of centuries-old oaks can be found right in Sławięcice.

Written by Kamil Nowak

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